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Why JustForMarriage?

Smart Matching Algorithm
The advanced algorithm matches you with only the most suitable people in your city. Only one quality match for everyday. Match with up to 7 different people each week and decide the right people that you will meet from the match analysis and photos.

Real Face-to-face Meeting
Do not waste time. When the parties say yes, you will see each other's mobile number. Start to text, call or sapp! It's very easy.

Only people you matched with can view your profile. The profile cannot be accessed via the internet, search engines, or links. Also, we never ask your GPS location.

Secret and Anonymous
The person you match with will not know your name until the first call. Only the first letter of the name and the first letter of the surname is displayed.

All members are verified by mobile numbers and the all information (name, surname, marital status, photo, etc.) is confirmed by our smart technology. We may remove the person who is not suitable for the membership, or we may request identity documents when necessary.